Gwen Mercado Reyes Mixed Media Artist

Gwen Mercado-Reyes began her creative practice at the age of 15 as a graffiti artist in the Central Valley of California. She currently works in an interdisciplinary fashion utilizing wall murals, drawing, collage, sculpture and installation. She worked professionally as an exhibiting artist, art educator, as a former Gallery Teacher / Studio Art Educator at the San Jose Museum of Art and a former Art Instructor for the Summer College Program at Syracuse University. She also taught after school art programs in Santa Clara County.
Her most recent studio work is an exploration of an imagined biological self as it relates to decay and disease. She also continues to work collaboratively with her husband and fellow artist. Aside from collaborating artistically the two curated exhibitions on the East and West Coast.

Mercado-Reyes currently holds her BFA in Pictorial Art from San Jose State University and a MFA in Painting from Syracuse University in New York.

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